Description of Lapland Food Club

The purest air in Europe. The largest organic collection area in the world. Infinite wilderness. In the summer, the sun shines through the night; leaving behind its energy across our beautiful nature.

This energy, found in berries and medicinal herbs, is pure and natural nutrition. During the winter, the Northern Lights dance across the night skies; where free-range reindeer and highland cattle, living in the wilderness, graze making their meat exceptionally aromatic and tender. This is our Lapland, with a long tradition of the finest delicacies; now available to you.

Our selection of delicacies

Syrups and Sauces

The nutrient-packed Arctic berries we use to make our scrumptious syrups and sauces grow especially juicy and aromatic under the midnight sun. Taste the passionate Lappish craftsmanship in every bite and savour our mouthwatering products in a variety of culinary applications.


Feeling peckish? Here come our healthy and delicious snacks to the rescue! Enjoy a nutritious snack bar, made from Arctic ingredients like wild blueberries and birch leaves, or open a bag of alder-smoked reindeer chips.


Need an extra boost to your day? Want to boost your immune system? Pure Arctic ingredients - such as angelica, nettle and roseroot - come together in these Lappish elixirs to give a potent yet luscious twist for your taste buds.


Wild-crafted, fresh, and cold-pressed to perfection. Made from the finest bilberries, crowberries and lingonberries; every bottle in our thirst-quenching selection is brimming with healthy enzymes and Arctic flavours.


Under the Northern lights and nightless nights, our Highland cattle roam free. It’s meat we call The Northern Lights Beef, and it reminds you of the Lappish wilderness: intense and full of unique flavour. These cuts of meat will satisfy even the most demanding beef connoisseurs.


A delectable collection of artisan sweets, handmade in small batches. We use only the best Arctic ingredients available, like berries and spruce sprouts, to create exquisite sweets that take you on a flavour-journey through the flavours of pristine Lappish forests.

Sparkling Drinks

Bursting with flavour, our blueberry and lingonberry non-alcoholic sparkling drinks are sure to satisfy everyone at your dinner table. These drinks are a special mix of berry juice from wild-crafted Arctic berries and a splash of sparkling water.

Jams and Jellies

Our yummy selection of jams and jellies invites you to use your imagination. Maybe you wish to turn a traditional sandwich into a rare treat with our cloudberry jam? Or spoon blueberry jelly over your favourite ice cream? The possibilities for great desserts are endless!


The lush bounty of superfoods provided by Lapland’s forests comes in many forms; yet there is one that stands above the rest in its uniqueness: powdered superfoods. A guaranteed boost of energy and rejuvenating vitamins and antioxidants awaits you.

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We would like to welcome you to Lapland. We are happy to invite you to visit us and will gladly organize a customized tour to acquaint you with our production facilities. Our product range is only suitable for professional buyers. | Tel. +358 43 824 2290